Thank you for your fabulous photos of the 2019 St Patrick's Day parade!
Great photos JOC. I love your travel and wildlife photography.
Joe Buttigieg(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. The only thing missing is the ladder leaning against the wall of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Great site.
Mary Simmons(non-registered)
Awesome pictures!! You certainly are talented. Thank you for sharing.
Gary Galante(non-registered)
Once again, Thank you for sharing the photos from Iceland. Certainly on my list of places to visit one day. Especially enjoyed the pictures of the Northern lights. Thank you to Maureen.
Mitchell Schlimer(non-registered)
Nice to meet a fellow passionate photographer who likes to capture wildlife as well.
Gary Galante(non-registered)
Thank you for allowing me to share in your remarkable photos. I particularly found the photos of the native people very interesting as well as the herd of zebra.
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